Log Cabins - More Room for Living.

Our Log Cabins are ideal long-term residential log homes, or as as summer houses, granny flats, garden offices, gyms or play rooms - whatever extra space you need.

A Log Cabin - Just what you're looking for!

Log Cabins: Beach Chalets or Garden Offices...

If you're looking for an alternative, consider a quality Log Cabin in Ireland for your holiday home or garden room.

Dare to Dream!

Now you can Barbeque in any weather!

Our Barbeque huts are Nordic
in build quality, style, and atmosphere.
Your friends and neighbours
will be (barbe)queueing up.

Happy, Healthy and Warm Wood

Wood is the perfect material for building log cabins and garden offices with warm and healthy atmospheres.


Log Cabins, garden offices, studios

If you're looking for a log cabin for extra space, whether its for work, pleasure or pastime, we have a wide range of high-quality timber buildings to choose from..


Log Cabins Ireland

Quality Log Cabins

Our log cabins are ideal for ireland - quality, treated timber, and a range of insulation choices

Quality Log Cabin

Garages & Carports

Spacious garages and rugged carports

Timber chalet

Pavilions & BBQ

Take your ease in our quality log cabin style garden pavilions and cool Barbeque huts

Log cabin Ireland

Garden Offices

Extra space, bright and comfortable - our log cabins offer the ideal working space.

Quality timber cabin

We have a wide range of quality log cabins.

Come visit our Log Cabin showroom and see for yourself

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Quality Log Cabins for Your Garden

Timber Living log cabins are built to the very highest Northern European standards and are more than capable of standing the test of time in the harshest Scandinavian and Baltic winters, where this style of building has been devloped.

Treated correctly, your Timber Living chalet or Log Cabin will give enjoyment for many years. To encourage longer life, we recommend that your Log Cabin be treated with two to three coats of a quality oil-based treatment.

All Timber Living Log Cabins are constructed of timber with a double-plank profile made from pine or spruce wood dried to 10-12% humidity, without painting an impregnation. All chalets and log cabins are available with a number of different options, all fully customisable to suit your every requirement.

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Email: valerie@timberliving.ie

The range of log cabin features and options available are:

- single or double doors

- different door and window positions

- insulated roofs, floors and walls

- internal walls and doors

- verandas

All our Log Cabins come with very high-spec double glazing as standard, and a wide range of sizes is also available on request. Just ask your Timber Living representative for more details.

All our Log Cabins can be wired for power, plumbed for all services.